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I can spread whatever message I want to spread, and mostly at this point, it’s one of positivity."Even though she basically coined the term "Justin-Bobby," which will live on in Hall of Fame, it makes total sense that Bosworth isn't returning to the show.She's grown up, moved on, and has a cool new business to promote."For me, it’s just not worth it for me at this point," she continued in the same interview."I have so many other platforms, ways I’m able to talk to people.She also has a pretty great Instagram, where she frequently posts envy-worthy recipe tutorials on her stories. As if the time commitment of running an actual company wasn't enough of a reason, Bosworth says the very nature of her business ventures are part of why she avoided the reality TV revival.

As those who follow the reality star on Instagram know, Kristin is no stranger to showing off ...

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