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Imagine the situation when pretty woman refuses to meet with you personally, but agrees to correspond.

But, if you write to her boring illiterate short letters, then she will just be confirmed in her opinion: “I was right when I decided not to waste time on this idiot.” But if you can charm her with your text messages, then it is quite possible that after a while you will represent the beauty to your friends as your girlfriend.

This is no truer now than it was back when Elvis Presley’s crotch was seen as the work of Satan.

But in our brave new ‘Generation AFC’, men (who’ve become women) are repackaged and shamed into believing this horse-shit as part & parcel of feminized gender role reversal.But money doesn’t really help, it just increases the chance that men will engage in activities that bring them into contact with other people. Make your own friends While it’s easy to fall into the rhythm of letting your wife organise your social calendar, the more you do for yourself, the less chance you have of feeling lonely at any stage of your life, not just in old age. Find a wife While it’s important to do things off your own bat (see point 3), a wife is still the best-known cure for most of a man’s problems. Be more like a woman Men’s inability to open up about their feeling is one of the major causes of isolation.Sometimes she’s the cause of them, however, so choose carefully. Find time for the things you like doing While hitting 35 might mean the pace has gone from your footballer’s legs, there are loads of clubs and societies that offer activities to keep your mind active and help you interact with other people. It’s very modern to talk about things which bother us, and other men won’t judge you. Be nice to others If you’re mean to people, they may stick around when they need something from you, but they will probably pay you back by disappearing as soon as they no longer need you to give them money or lend them your car. Find out how stuff works Whatever you think of all this smartphone-and-i Pad nonsense, studies show the more that older men keep up with technology, the less likely they are to feel disconnected from the world. Don’t resent young people You may not like them, but you need them.And thus we get Speed Dating and e Harmony and a host of other “conveniences” to pacify the insecurities that this reversal instills. When used from a feminized perspective this myth is most certainly a ‘shaming’ social convention with the latent function of getting men to commit to a feminine frame – “you better change yourself soon, or your soulmate might pass you by and you’ll be lonely and desolate in your old age”.I’m going to suggest that most AFCs, most feminized, conditioned males, LIKE and embrace the lonely old man myth because it is a Buffer against potential rejection. That’s the feminized use of the myth, however, the internalized AFC use of the myth is a Buffer. Then, the self-reinforced expectation of maturity or “doing the right thing”.

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