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Hilda was bored by this life of considerable luxury and left home, against her fathers wishes, to become a nurse.Hilda Ward trained at the London Hospital and for many years assisted a famous eye specialist at Moorefields Eye Hospital in London before going to Egypt with the British Army as a QA Nursing Sister.After the war Sister Sharpe stayed in the forces and was posted to India.It was because of his feelings for her that Lt Col Reid decided to stay in the Army and follow her.She could only go into Calcutta under escort and he guesses that this may well have been an armed escort.He fondly calls this group photo her Hospital family which seems to have included staff that were either coming or going to do their shifts.» Find Friends - Search Old Service and Genealogy Records » History » QAIMNS for India » QAIMNS First World War » Territorial Force Nursing Service TFNS » WW1 Soldiers Medical Records » Field Ambulance No.4 » The Battle of Arras 1917 » The German Advance » Warlencourt Casualty Clearing Station World War One » NO 32 CCS Brandhoek - The Battle of Passchendaele » Chain of Evacuation of Wounded Soldiers » Allied Advance - Hundred Days Offensive » Life After War » Auxiliary Hospitals » War Graves Nurses Hilda Ward QAIMNS A bit of background about Hilda Ward QAIMNS: Hilda Ward was born in 1882.

Others may have fallen in love with their new wives but were killed in action and only found out about the other wives when they padres or COs returned effects and send letters of condolences to the registered next of kin.Some soldiers and officers took advantage of the love of the nurses and during the daily struggle of life and death of war created an urgency to marry so that they could make love to their new sweethearts.Bigamy was a common occurrence and many wives left behind in Britain were unaware that their husbands had remarried without a divorce.Their wedding took place just before India independence and there was a lot of rioting in the streets.Sister Sharpe told her son years later that it was a bit difficult preparing for the wedding under those conditions.

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