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Everyone who knows Sasha will agree that he can be quite demanding.He expects the best of himself and of those around him because he believes we determine our future. This is why he demands that the DWM family provide the best and most professional dance instruction with the ultimate belief that client service is a cornerstone of his studio.So, if you see him here, you won’t find Maks from “Dancing with the Stars,” you will find Maks, a son, a brother, a dancer, and most fitting; an entrepreneur. He has always been passionate and proud of his sons, but considers every member of Dance With Me part of his family.

His ultimate vision is to grow the DWM Family across the nation.

His passion evolved into a dedication to creating a unique dance studio environment.

He has put his reputation and future on the line to create something that every person could love.

Where he grew up, training definitely could have been better, particularly in the management area, and as a result the inception of DWM Studios began.

Maks and his father wanted to create a great environment for kids to train: a studio where students like Maks could be respected, respect one another, and train for the love and passion of dance.

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