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Over time, it’s been easier to deal with my diagnosis, love myself more, live somewhat of a normal and healthy life and not allow others to dictate who I should be.But in that, I married my best friend who is HIV-negative and we made a beautiful baby from LOVE!

It took the better part of 8 – 10 years to move from shame to acceptance, but when I did it was like I had never missed a beat.The virtue of forgiveness, especially when forgiving myself.Yes, there are those who will slander and stigmatize us, discriminate and criminalize us, BUT there are also so many people who are either affected by or infected with HIV who are waiting with opened arms to provide me with compassion and love.Ladies, Join Our Club and Find Free Spirited and Intriguing Men for a Nice, Informal and no Strings Attached Date! The moms above are just a handful of the members available and looking for dates, romance and sex partners.

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Monique Moree Diagnosed: 2005 South Carolina SELF-DIGNITY and SELF LOVE.

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