Mouni roy dating gaurav chopra

In the last couple of months, a lot of differences developed which led to ugly verbal spats between them. Rao/status/1041613694436704256Throughout her career, Mouni’s name has been associated with two of the biggies of Indian television.

She was believed to be dating actor Gaurav Chopra after they were seen together on the show While Mouni was seen thoroughly participating in everything on stage with Salman Khan, she deliberately chose to not go inside the house as Gaurav Chopra was one of the contestants.

Apparently she had requested the makers of the show to keep her away from interacting with Chopra.

In 2011, Mouni starred in her first Punjabi movie (2011-2014).

Mouni’s performance on the show was thoroughly praised by the audience and she managed to entice everyone with her beautiful character portrayal of goddess Sati.

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When Mouni was asked about the rumours of her and Raina dating, she replied, “I don’t want to answer any personal questions.”At the beginning of 2018 Mohit stated in an interview that him and Mouni never dated and it was just a mislead assumption by people.

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