My mother is not dating jerry seinfeld

ELAINE: (Matter-of-factly) They have to, it's in the Geneva Convention.

(Jerry and Elaine both laugh at Kramer's impression as George slowly enters. GEORGE: (Slowly shakes his head) My mother caught me.

(Scoffs, shaking his head) You know, if everyone who did that had to go see a psychiatrist.. (Intercom buzzes, Jerry gets up to answer it) JERRY: How is she?

JERRY: (Opens his door slightly for Elaine) Dating Marla.

(George sits down next to Elaine - opposite Kramer) JERRY: (To George) What's the matter?

I stopped by the house to drop the car off, and I went inside for a few minutes.. (Jerry and Elaine look at each other - enjoying the story) My mother had a Glamour magazine, I started leafing through it..

JERRY: Well, I got my troops amassed along the border - I'm just waiting for someone to give me the go-ahead. (All eyes are glued to the woman) GEORGE: (Suggesting) Maybe she's a nudist.

JERRY: (Also amazed) Who walks around the house like that?!

" (Kramer laughs, sipping his drink) JERRY: "Glamour"? Comparing episodes often feels like what I’d imagine pitting one child against another would be like—you love them in different ways, and it’d be impossible to definitively rate one as better than the other.Nevertheless, we did the best we could at narrowing down hundreds of episodes worth of gold down to what we feel are the 25 best. “The Dealership” Season: 9 One of the great Puddy episodes, “The Dealership” centers around Jerry’s trip to a car dealership, where Puddy is a salesman, and George’s mission is to make sure Jerry doesn’t get screwed over. GEORGE: Alright, now, how are we gonna monitor this thing? He sits down next to Jerry) My mother wants me to see a psychiatrist now. (Laughing, he snorts) JERRY: (Waits for the rest of the sentence) ..

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GEORGE: First she screams, "George, what are you doing?! " And it looked like she was gonna faint - she started clutching the wall, trying to hang onto it. GEORGE: I didn't know whether to try and keep her from falling, or zip up.

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