I came up with this little list with my dating friends in mind – but even us old married folks like a good date night!Unless you are inseparable from your fur baby, I recommend showing up without a dog for this activity.The contests are free – snacks and beverages are up to you!

I’ve heard stories from friends playing the online dating game: of men not turning up to dates, or never phoning again or – horror of horrors - turning up and looking nothing like their profile picture.Late nights out replaced with cosy nights on the sofa in front of the TV. Would we fall into the trap so many other couples do of becoming too comfortable with each other? Was the comfortable sense we now had with each other actually something else – boredom?Instead of thrilling each other with exciting suggestions of what to do at the weekend, we’ve found ourselves pottering at garden centres.And you start to find enjoyment in much smaller things – like planting something in the garden or cooking something together.Becoming boring with someone forces you to take life at a slower pace; to enjoy the small things more.

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