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In addition to the discovery that at least seven nonviolent sexual assaults on minors could be traced to meetings on My Space, at least one murder has been linked to initial contact on the Web site.While these problems are in no way exclusive to My Space -- the Internet in general is a playground for predators by nature of its anonymity -- the press has latched on to My Space in particular because a lot of its users are under 18 and the site doesn't verify users' identities.My Space has taken an active approach to solving its image problem by effectively banning 29,000 registered sex offenders from the site.There's no doubt that My Space is popular -- so popular that people want to be able to take their My Space with them -- and now they can with My Space Mobile.A big part of the reason that My Space is so successful is its "hey, whatever" openness.If the site employs identity-verification procedures, it will probably chase off the predators and the kids who are lying about their age.

When she asks for your myspace, reply something like, “I think you already know, but just for kicks its******.” She will then check on it and will be totally surprised.

Some men may not even find it worthy but hey, this is proven to be really effective. This dating advice is called, ‘Yourspace Is Myspace’ technique.

Obviously you will have to indulge yourself into some social networking sites or online dating profiles like myspace, facebook, etc. Let’s take a look at this typical seduction scenario…

Now that the internet is so popular, it's not just for nerds anymore.

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