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(Courtesy Heritage Foundation) Morocco too has its female ambassador, who has been engaged for years in the preservation of ancient know-how, technology and building types.

“Since 2002 I have been working solely on structures of earth and stone, buildings laden with history,” explains the architect and anthropologist Salima Naji.

But recently there has been a revolution: wood has grown ever more expensive, the electricity supply has reached even the most remote locations and the population has learned how to weld more easily, while small motors distributed to flood victims by the Chinese government to pump water have been used instead to drive boats now made of iron. Bancha Sutradhar, Afsar Uddin and Noni Gopal Kormokar are three of the 27 boat-builders with their faces marked by the sun and by time who are working on constructing scale models, reproductions and functioning prototypes using the same materials and technologies as in the past, always under the attentive gaze of a new generation committed to learning the art of carpenters, blacksmiths, sailmakers and rope manufacturers.

As a result the traditional kind of these vessels are disappearing. The next dream of Runa Khan, who is now engaged in fundraising, is to open a museum that can contain and spread all this knowledge gathered in these years.

The Atlas mountain range is strewn with fortified citadels whose colours blend in with the landscape, perched on top of peaks as high as 4,000 metres.

In the majority of cases the guardian, the man who preserves the memory of the ancestors and holds the keys of the citadel, has no desire to leave the site.For humanity.” Even from the technical and engineering viewpoint these are extraordinary constructions that reflect a truly exemplary way of thinking about rural development: bioclimatic structures with a system of holes in the walls that keep them at a constant temperature and provide permanent ventilation for the storage of perishable goods.Naji, who has renovated a dozen of them with her Izuran association, adds that she has found grain that was still unspoiled and comestible after having been deposited there for at least 25 years.(Photo Mehdi Benssid) Runa Khan in Bangladesh also looks to tradition, although she is interested in a totally different kind of history.Her passion for sailing, something she shares with her husband, has been turned, since 1996, into a collective undertaking. We cannot think of changing or halting the process of evolution but we can make public opinion aware of the problem.

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