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In 2019, Sony is mixing up its design, attempting to stand out among the sea of familiarity.

Up to the Galaxy S10, most of their phones used the very slow Adaptive Fast Charging system.It seems they heard the critics and for the first time, will deliver. In 2010, it had just released the Motorola Droid, a phone so popular it led to all Android phones being called "Droids" by non-techies.But there have been some rough years between then and now, and Motorola's latest "flagship" doesn't look like it will help get them off this path.While the Galaxy S10 is a fantastic device, the biggest gripe I have with it is the curved display.Yes, it adds to the aesthetics of the phone, but it makes the phone prone to accidental touches.

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At first, the latter was the bleeding edge of technology, but in recent years, the line has been blurred.

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