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There is a section dedicated to the website’s success stories, so lots of happy couples have met through Equestrian Cupid.The website even has horse forums and a page where members can upload pictures of their horses.Therefore, we appreciate the importance in finding that special someone to share this unique relationship of companionship, love, and caring...PURRsonals is committed to bringing cat lovers everywhere together for new friendships and partnerships that will last forever.” This bizarre dating website is owned by Sonny Crane, who previously worked in the pet industry manufacturing pet products.

The website may seem like a joke, but according to Jezebel, the site has a spokesperson and real life users.But singles don’t need to despair -- there are lots of other weird and wonderful dating websites that they can join.From dating websites that pair gluten-free people to a dating website that is dedicated to ugly people, here are 15 of the strangest niche dating websites.If you dislike the busy city and you dream of settling down in the countryside with some horses, you can join this website to find other like-minded people.Equestrian Cupid’s motto is “Equestrian Cupid is an exclusive community for cowboys and cowgirls and equestrian singles to meet horseback riding enthusiasts, discover uncharted trails, pursue the country lifestyle, and locate the best riding areas.” The site also says, “Don't live in the country or own a horse? Main criteria is having down to earth country values and a desire to meet other like-minded folks.” It may seem like a gimmicky website, but it is actually extremely popular!

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