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The Zulu royal family consists of the reigning monarch of the Zulus of South Africa, King Goodwill Zwelithini ka Bhekuzulu, his consorts, legitimate descendants, near relatives and male-line descendants of his great-great-grandfather, King Mpande who, as a half-brother of the Zulu Pater Patriae, King Shaka, reigned from 1840 to 1872.Shaka's policies and conquests transformed a small clan into one of South Africa's most influential pre-colonial realms, extending over much of what is now Kwa Zulu-Natal.The National Development Plan (NDP) emphasises the need for transforming society and uniting the country.These long- term objectives guide the department’s Strategic Plan and activities over the medium term, as do Outcome 1 (quality basic education), Outcome 4 (decent employment through inclusive growth) and Outcome 14 (a diverse, socially cohesive society with a common national identity) of government’s 2014-2019 Medium Term Strategic Framework.

26 26 ARTS AND CULTURE 26 The mandate of the Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) is to: • preserve, develop, protect and promote the cultural, heritage and linguistic diversity and legacy of South Africa; • lead nation building and social cohesion through societal transformation; • enhance archives and records management structures and systems and promote access to information; and • provide leadership to the art and culture sector so as to accelerate its transformation.Jessica made the announcement on Instagram on Friday by sharing the cutest picture of her little family. The fiercely private star said she decided to keep her pregnancy away from the spotlight until she was ready because she didn’t want it to be linked to any drama. Therefore, I don’t want any drama around it and I certainly don’t want anyone to have an opinion about it.The proud mama also revealed that their little girl’s name is Namisa ‘Nami’ Dlamini I love this girl with a love I can’t even begin to describe. Now their fans are curious to know if Ntokozo Dlamini and Jessica Nkosi are getting married anytime soon.As with many African names, Zulu names have very specific meanings. Download past matric exam papers for free here Past matric exam papers: Physical Sciences Mom finds way to get her son to take a bath and it all it took was some cockroaches Past matric exam papers: Mathematics Past matric exam papers: Life Sciences Can you get a divorce without your spouse’s consent? Also look out for our lists of other South African language names!

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  1. Are there men out there who are actually interested in dating pregnant women? If you are newly pregnant, and aren’t showing yet, it is most important to be honest with a potential date about your pregnancy.