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But most of the time, when none of them are in use, it sticks out as a hook (not unlike Captain Hook).

Now, he's coming with multiple schemes to destroy Alpha Team and rule the world.

He was able to to survive the destruction of his base, but not without a price to pay.

He lost his left hand in the explosion and replaced it with a cybernetic storage device with retractable weapons such as gun, a tranquilizer, a taser, and a knife.

For the next two years, she became his personal slave and suffered agonizing labor, severe beating, and (worst of all), being raped. He was once in love with Radia until she was able to escape him (with Crunch's help).

Alpha Team: The Series Inspired by the LEGO product of the same name ---------- Jason Spisak as Dash Jackson https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/lego/images/2/2d/Dash Small.jpg/revision/latest?

cb=20130310205417 Colleen O' Shaughnessy as Cam Attaway https://

A big thanks to for the backstory (I added a few extra details for extra spice).

Ogel is the world's most dangerous criminal mastermind, but he wasn't always a soulless monster. He was very kind to his colleagues and was well-known.

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But one day while working on a experiment with two of his colleagues, the experiment went wrong and the blast was heading for one of his colleagues and he pushed them out of the way.

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