Old men dating younger girls

Even in the village, they will run for that older man with an old pickup who gives them handouts when they ask.

Young beautiful woman will never hang around an old man in the event that he is left penniless and divorced.

Everything from music, social activities, politics and morals come into play, so be prepared to deal with these problems as they arise and try to talk through them. Though things might seem smooth now, you will be aging at different rates in the future.

With an older man, the younger woman will likely need to provide at least some sort of health care as this happens.

In terms of stature, an older man who shows up at a social function with a younger woman on his arm often feels a sense of pride and accomplishment.

He has a piece of “eye candy” that other men might admire.

Such women will torture the poor man by demanding a huge portion of his estate.

This is also an instinctual feeling as procreation plays a factor.

Men intuitively want to spread their “seeds” to future generations.

Sometimes older men prefer younger girls to get over their divorces. In such times, older men feel vulnerable and need to reclaim their sexual prowess.

The best way to do that is to have a younger woman in their arms.

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With a younger woman, they will be viewed as sexually viable. They are mesmerized by the wealth, coolness, patience and how powerful older men are.

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