Older men dating women 20 years younger

She’s no doubt partially attracted to you because you’ve outgrown your frat-boy habits and know how to treat her like a woman.

Taken at face value, maybe dating younger women looks odd.

There’s an age-old rule that an acceptable age to date is half your own plus seven. It’s the Johnsons of the world that need reminders that anyone under 30 probably has enough on their plate, what with the pressure of a lifetime of renting and the impending doom of Brexit to have time to bat away riled up old guys. “The possible connection here could be neatly characterized as Burning Man-esque.One can imagine the pair sharing insights about space travel, psychedelics, polyamory – mining the kind of self-exploration that has begun to split the difference between Silicon Valley libertarian nerd-core and millennial Tumblr-bred experimentalism,” it observed.Musk has taken to crying in media interviews and smoking weed live on camera (Grimes is undoubtedly ahead of him in emotional maturity, then). But how do such relationships stand up in the post-Me Too age, where issues of power imbalances are more discussed and understood than ever. Does the trophy wife – the young arm candy - reflect even slightly well anymore?Women have always been skeptical, but now I’d say other men wouldn’t look at some 60-year-old with a 30-year-old girlfriend with too much envy either. Set your Guardian Soulmate settings to 32 and above.

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As the years roll on evolutionary preferences and cultural norms conflate to create an environment where it’s common for men to date women substantially younger than themselves.

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