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Men and women write things like “I enjoy kicking babies” and their favorite things are porn, donkeys, and setting Barbie dolls on fire.

These people are not crazy: crazy people write social manifestos in their profiles.

I would never generalize to the point of saying there aren’t members of both genders trolling the web for sex partners,[5] but the ratio of them to people looking for a more involved, or at least prolonged, relationship is no different online than offline, and online it falls in favor of the prolonged.

Women, and some men, go on dating sites to get a more thorough testing phase before committing to conversation, phone numbers, and bed.

In a decade and a half of dating, I’ve been offered a bathroom blow job from a stranger twice in a bar, and only once on the internet.[4] People always want sex.

For a set of attractive-enough or available-enough people, the internet offers no more or less the opportunity of getting sex than the bar.

Since the inception of online dating, a common, introductory paragraph cry has been “sick of the bar scene.” This is usually a cry from women, who comprise the only gender that’s usually sick of people pestering them for sex.It’s a far better way to judge sexual charisma, but it’s a terrible way to judge anyone with even a shred of self-awareness.Anyone who says they are a good judge of character in reference to people they’ve known less than one hundred cumulative hours is as self-delusional as people who say “I’m a people person” with a straight face, which is like saying “I’m a homo-sapien” as if it were an achievement. Assuming a barely honest online self-description and a photo shoot, you have a handful of empirical data before you commit to spending time with someone. The following is a common exchange on dating sites: From: Some_dudexxx Subject: Hi there You seem really nice, and cute.The attention seeking subclass never moves past this initial stage.The next most common variation in this stage is the Dadaist profile.

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As dating sites collect data on users, they apply it back to the dating pool, and they hone in on the most attractive tier, advertising them to other users and the world to draw more traffic.

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