Orthodox dating someone who isnt orthodox Chat sexy without credit

Gottfried, now 26, kept the same main cast but brought on Hoffman as a co-producer.

She also asked then-production assistant and extra, Jessica Schechter, to be a co-producer and one of the six main characters.

Blind dates that crash and burn before your entre even arrives.

The cringe-inducing realization that your online date knows youve taken a profile embellishment too far.

The reason I became a filmmaker was to tell my stories and share my voice and ideas.

I wanted to create something, however, small that showed authentic portrayals of modern Orthodox Jews.

A 2014 graduate of Stern College, an Orthodox all-female school in New York City, Gottfried made a short film, , in 2015.

For example, Hoffman and Gottfried both shared experiences of having to pass up jobs because they filmed on the sabbath.

It would feel in a way natural to express themselves physically, but the fact that they choose not to is fascinating to me, said Gottfried.

That desire that builds up and the passion, I think once its fulfilled, its not that exciting anymore. Though not all modern Orthodox Jews practice shomer negiah, it was important to the production team to showcase an aspect of their dating experience that is rarely, if ever, depicted on screen.

Getting absolutely plastered at your last single friends wedding and weeping on the floor of the bathroom.

All these snapshots of the modern singles experience are captured in the first season of the web series , the You Tube series follows six singles, navigating the religious dating scene of New Yorks Upper West Side.

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