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These will be people who can give more than most, and who give to charities close to their hearts. Such donors will expect inside knowledge of your organisation and plans, to have contact with CEO and Chair, and to make recommendations that might be challenging.

We should like to thank our agent Barbara Levy for presiding over the project, as well as Ann Evans, who co-instigated it and has now found a new vocation as medium for the wandering and restless shade of Jehan l'Ascuiz.

Fundraisers call people who give large donations, Philanthropists, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), and Major Donors.

The art is to build a relationship to the point where the individual wants to make a difference through a donation (or ‘gift’) significant enough that it reflects their personal commitment.

They may want publicity, recognition or social connections. The Steps Fundraisers talk of seven (or eight) steps in the research and cultivation process.

Identify potential donors (or ‘prospects’) There may be donors in your database who give small sums but could give more. Find out all you can: interests, hobbies, businesses. There is public information, but also see if anyone knows them.

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It may be religious or altruistic motivation, a social conscience.

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