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It has a land area of a half square miles and features the Faimulivai Marsh, a freshwater marsh in the Aunu’u Crater and the largest such wetland in American Samoa.

It was formed from drainage of the low-lying crater and is a protected National Natural Landmark which was designated in 1972.

The highest point in the Tutuila Islands is the Mount Matafao, which is at an elevation of 2,142 ft.

Aunu’u is a small volcanic island off the southeastern shore of Tutuila.

American Samoa is a tropical paradise and the climate averages 84 degrees to 86 degrees Fahrenheit all year round and the ocean waters that surround our islands averaging 82°- 86° Fahrenheit.

Explore the scenic beauty of Tutuila and visit the fascinating National Park and marine sanctuary, enjoy scenic walks to volcanic summits and waterfalls or go snorkeling, kayaking and swimming.

Whatever your reason for visiting American Samoa, you can be sure that it will be a memorable experience.

The mountain range, which runs from west to east, is rugged and winding with the northern coastline having steep cliffs and unusual coastline.

However, the southern part of the island has flatter terrain.

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