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The tremendous increase in shooting generally created a demand for a wider range of shooting equipment, many of the ideas for which came from the enthusiastic shooters themselves.By 1914 the company's small manufacturing plant was well established and it was not long before the vigorous Ministry of Munitions of those days began calling for training equipment, which was needed almost as desperately as the munitions.

Business at Parker-Hale remained relatively stable throughout the 1960's and into the 1980's, with sales of target and sporting rifles, handguns, shotguns and ammunition sitting comfortably alongside the company's comprehensive range of rifle scopes, knives, award-winning gun care accessories and cleaning kits.Major architectural developments in the City finally forced a move to new premises at Golden Hillock Road in 1963.Positioned alongside the BSA factory sportsground and Spark Brook, from which the local area gets its name, the Parker-Hale factory headquarter building echoes the traditions of the Birmingham gunmaking industry, since it occupies the very site that the Proof House located their testing range.Meanwhile, the Parker-Hale Arms Company was transferred to the Birmingham Proof House, where it continued with the reconditioning of .22 calibre weapons for junior training organisations.The company ceased to exist upon completion of the contracts.

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