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The 1970s started with the (posthumous) publication of the third volume of Schmidt’s monumental work on Persepolis, and witnessed a flow of valuable works about the site by Carl Nylander, Hubertus von Gall, Tilia, and Peter Calmeyer.

These developments greatly advanced our understanding of the Achaemenid art and architecture. Shapur Shahbazi founded the Institute of Achaemenid Research at Persepolis, which directed all aspects of excavations, restorations, and publications of the Achaemenid monuments and facilitated co-operation between scholars in the field.

Some have seen Persepolis as illustration of royal power (Root, 1979, pp.

153-61 and passim), or a political, economic, and administrative center of the empire, or an observatory for correcting time-reckoning systems.

The platform is flanked on the south and north by two valleys in which the houses of the nobility were built.On the other hand, after the fall of the Achaemenids, the Iranians no longer remembered the name “Pārsa,” and came to call the site Sad Sotun (Hundred-columned) and Čehel Menār (Forty-columned), and Iranian traditional history came to attribute the monuments to Jamšid, the legendary paragon of sovereignty, organizer of the social estates, and subjugator of the s (demonic peoples; see DAIVA), who build for him magnificent palaces of stone and bore him while enthroned from one palace to another.It was believed that, upon the building of the palace, he established the greatest Iranian festival, Nowruz or New Year’s Day, at the spring equinox. Münter and Georg Friedrich Grotefend in early 1800s to decipher Old Persian cuneiform writing (which itself provided the key to the reading of Babylonian and Elamite texts; see Weissbach, 1896-1904) and attribution of Persepolis to the Achaemenid kings.Finally, in 2002, the old Persepolis institute was reconstituted, with more authority and means and supported by the UNESCO, as The Foundation for Parsa-Pasargadae Research, with the aims of scientifically investigating, preserving, and publishing the Achaemenid heritage with the co-operation of the scholarly world.

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Schmidt (1935-39), both assisted by the architect Friederich Krefter.

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