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Will he be able to fix everything, or are some things just out of his control? With the help of Dumbledore he begins training himself in both light and dark magic.

James and Lily start their relationship in 7th year, but what happens when Lily starts receiving love letters from the Half Blood Prince? Secrets will be revealed, new allies found, and the bonds of friendship tested as Harry begins his quest.

With his friends by his side and relationships changing can he face what comes his way? When Hermione causes his new Firebolt to be confiscated, he realizes that she is more important than any broomstick to him.

After discovering romantic feeling towards Hermione, Harry has to face the problems this brings along with the strange and dangerous happenings within Hogwarts. Harry is sick and tired of always being kept in the dark, of being lied to, and of being protected. Hhr eventually, new author, still in transition possess.

Why she married Ron she did not know, she did know it was the biggest mistake she ever made.

After his wife dies, Harry Potter, the strongest wizard ever born, has nothing to live for.

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