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The best performing test is the one which has the highest detection rate and the lowest positive rate.NIPT detects the most trisomy conditions and sends the fewest number of patients for invasive procedures which carry a risk of miscarriage.All our screening tests have optimum detection rates which exceed the NHS offering and in the first trimester we can also include pre-eclampsia screening.this is my fertility offers a fertility monitoring service for couples going abroad for IVF treatment who require local UK support for endometrial scans and follicle tracking scans plus any supporting blood tests.NOTES: NIPT can be used in twin, IVF and donor egg pregnancies.NIPT testing alone does not provide information on physical defects, mosaicism, partial trisomy, translocations or triploidy and thus it is recommended that a detailed 1st and / or 2nd trimester ultrasound scan is undertaken for full evaluation purposes.

Each screening test has a detection rate (DR) and positive rate (PR) which indicates the performance of the screen.

Our Health Screening & Ultrasound Scans are for you and all of your family.

We offer well-man, well-woman and well-baby services including body ultrasound imaging, physiotherapy, 4D meet your baby bond scans, private obstetric & antenatal care.

NIPT is dependent on the amount of cf DNA circulating in the maternal bloodstream, sometimes there is not enough to give a valid result.

In these cases another blood sample would be needed, at no extra cost. A high risk result should be confirmed via an invasive diagnostic test such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus biopsy.

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