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Needless to say, that relationship didn’t work out.

When Julie sent him his mugshot, he admitted he was just trying to live a normal life before going to court.

That’s why Aste employs a human-powered vetting process.

Rather than pull information from data-dumps and give users too much information, Aste confirms your potential date’s city, age, and phone number and supplies profiles on different social media sites.

“It’s like going to your best friend who’s really good at creeping on people online and asking her to check a guy out,” she said.

“Your friend’s going to do everything she can to make sure the guy is legitimate or see if he has three Facebook accounts under different aliases.” Unlike other sites that only provide mugshots or arrest information, Aste’s team is able to identify the more subtle data that can’t be discovered by a web crawling program.

Julie told us her team doesn’t use court-runners to get information but instead relies on a carefully crafted approach.And, if they do, it can be a very time-consuming process.” Aste knows how and where to look to find relevant public information, so you can focus on your life instead of agonizing for hours and hours over Google searches that don’t bear fruit.The team that brings consumers this information is made up of people from all over the US.The team uses human instinct and insight to catch dodgy and suspicious information.Algorithms aren’t perfect, and humans often need to get their hands dirty to get a job done.

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Users submit information on a potential date, and Aste delivers all the data that can be found online.

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