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That seems like the best and most fair system for users and the company. Of course the company makes a lot more profit by overselling plans and hoping people underuse the minutes and/or data.

As for the unlimited plan I'm sure they can phase out the grandfathering, they can choose not to renew your 2-year contract and force you to sign a new one.

From what I've been able to cobble together it looks like there is some very cool new stuff in FCP X.

I can't wait for Apple to update its page and to actually kick the tires of the program. FCP's current attempt at an 'open timeline' is nothing to write home about and the "auto correct" button in Apple Color is laughably bad) and I also hope all the helpful auto-features can be toggled on/off.

I couldn't get a signal in my home 90% of the time with Verizon. :eek: Even if I had a call going, it would drop as soon as I walked downstairs. He also said that he can't use his phone at the same store: No signal! No carrier has as good of coverage as they claim in their ads. Bottom Line: I AGREE that Apple should open the i Phone up to other carriers. That is we can store the heat energy from the sun to make it threw the night and already do it.We are currently in process of looking up information on the previous dates and hookups.Bilson portrayed Summer Roberts, the rage blackout-having Orange County rich girl with a slew of quotable lines.For example, audio and video track assignments are a very common and very useful way to keep your timeline organized and easy to navigate around in (especially in a multi-user environment). ;) There are times when software can try to be too helpful and it ends up just getting in the way so I hope Apple considered this and gives us the option to toggle a lot of these things on/off.Lethalthe price difference between a 2.33/2.4 conroe is going to be like 20 bucks in the volume apple is getting, maybe less, memory has about a 60 buck difference for a pair of 512 sticks so it runs up to about 30 bucks in bulk and the motherboard is going to cost about 50 more to apple, thats a total of 100 bucks which will probably be made back by saveings in overhead and support costs.

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