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The Dehue of my past is onlyfaded photos in my album. John cut them out with a jigsaw, and attached stakes to the backs of each one, so they could be displayed by driving the stakes into the ground.On Christmas eve, many of the people who lived in the community gathered around the triangle and sang Christmas carols. It had a school that was safe, teachers who loved their students .. even those from other coal camps,” Ed Ward told me recently.The bosses row had two-story houses with indoor plumbing. Dolores Riggs Davis THE YOUNGSTOWN MINES CORPORATION, DEHUE, WEST VIRGINIA – ca 1950’s DEHUE BOY SCOUTS COLLECT FOOD FOR THE NEEDY AT CHRISTMAS IN 1930 Left to right: Bill Schroder Mays, Frank Mariano, Johnny Patrick, Peter Cozmyk, Woodrow Dillo, Gideon Dean, John Hatfield (son of Willis and grandson of Devil Anse Hatfield), Paul Bency, George Lewis, Tony Lepetrone, Silas Mariano, —-Patrick, Sammy Lepetrone, Clarence Bailey, Bill Mc Coy, Victor Vidovich, Fred Schroder, Louie Zeto, Millard “Dixie” Howell, Manuel Dillon, Jim Bency. In the background of the Boy Scout’s picture are our famous landmarks.We lived in “Kentucky Row.” It was named that because most everyone who lived in that row of houses were from Kentucky. To the left is the Dehue Grade School which went from grade one to eight.Photographs, personal memorabilia, and objects are displayed on the free standing, nine-panel thirty-thousand dollar structure.

They have constructed many exhibits including several for the County Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee.

For a year the Dehue Exhibit traveled to other area colleges and libraries to educate the youth and instill a better understanding of our heritage.

The exhibit was last shown at the Dehue Reunion on August 8, 1998.

Dehue had its beginning about 1916, and was named after D. Hewitt who operated a large bandmill in the vicinity.

In 1923, the mine became part of Youngstown Sheet and Tube.

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