Reasons to take a break from dating consolidating finances after marriage

Then again people are different and if you feel you need to do that go right ahead but be warned that you may not be riding into the sunset for a ‘happily ever after’ ending.

What are some of the reasons you think one should take a break from dating?

[Read: 10 worst mistakes couples make when dating] How taking a break from dating can help you find that special person Getting out of the dating game is probably not something you’ve ever thought of when it comes to finding your life partner.

But in order to make finding that special someone easier, taking a break from dating is something to think about.

How can you find your special love if you’re not even dating, you ask? But if you’re someone who’s a serial dater, it’s probably your best option.

Do think deeply about this; if you stagnate and remain the same person you were after dating someone then surely that relationship wasn’t really worth your while now, was it? So each time the need to be in a relationship pops up, take a step back and ask yourself WHY? You just came out of a relationship or a bad break up.

Rebound relationships been there done that wouldn’t recommend it to when you are at your most vulnerable.

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