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Berlin “is a hard place for me,” Jungreis told JTA. My natural reaction is to think, ‘Juedische Schweinhund, achtung, Heil Hitler,’ “– giving the German for “Jew swine-dog, hail Hitler.” “I lived with it. After surviving the Holocaust, Jungreis remembers that her father, Rabbi Abraham Jungreis, gathered all the orphans in a displaced-persons camp in Switzerland and made shidduchim, or matches, between the young men and women.

Jungreis says it was an expression of the optimism that runs in her family.

“Sometimes she can be very tough, but with time you understand she was right,” Paradny-Gabriel says, explaining that she “came back to my roots” through Jungreis.

“I realized I don’t live only for myself, and that is why I brought her here to help the people here.” Despite the connection, it was not easy for Paradny-Gabriel to convince Jungreis to come to Berlin for the first time in 2002. Wicka Dolburd, 23, director of the Mayan program, says, “A lot of these girls are going back to tradition, and it is important for them to see someone who will give them the courage to continue, even if it is just once a year, or once in their life.” Jungreis’ family has always tried to inspire.

Her first Hineni lecture was held at Madison Square Garden before 18,000 people on Nov. The Jungreis’ two sons and two daughters now are all either rabbis or rebbetzins — and all are involved with Hineni. Instead of seeking someone with “deep pockets,” seek a mate with “compassion, modesty and lovingkindness.” Even on his deathbed, Jungreis’ late husband was making matches.

“Lying in his hospital bed, he opened his eyes and said, ‘Let’s talk the truth.

In an upstairs meeting room, several young Jewish women sat around a table talking with Jungreis, in town recently on her second visit from New York in less than a year. As founder of the Hineni Heritage Center, a 31-year-old Jewish outreach program in New York, she thrives on them as she works to spread her brand of Orthodox Judaism.Though her father wanted to immigrate to Palestine, the family was unable to get the necessary papers.So instead the family moved to the United States in 1947.On Tuesday evening, March 15, hundreds will iy’H gather at the annual Hineni dinner to pay tribute to Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis.A true visionary in the realm of kiruv for more than half a century, the rebbetzin has touched the hearts and lives of thousands of people worldwide.

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