Reentering the dating

I feel almost bad about how suddenly motivated I am to make healthy choices and lose the weight now.

It's all because I know I will have to meet, impress, and be intimate with new people once I re-enter the dating scene in a few months.

Secretly, I wonder if losing the weight will fix my existing relationship.

I'm 5'1", so 55 extra pounds on my frame is not a small amount.

Mainly looking for responses from women but if you have anything valuable guys, go ahead.

My divorce will start tomorrow (she had a lengthy calculated affair during our dead bedroom year).

What if you got sick or hurt and it changed your physical appearance years down the road? You deserve to be healthier as well as loved for who you are.

I don't plan on dating apps for a while etc, but if I meet someone interesting, who knows.

From talking with my female friends, quite a few men on swiping sites can just be assholes. Be honest with yourself about what you’re looking for at any point in time.

If you just want to be with someone physically, that’s fine. If you want someone to [insert kink here], that’s fine.

I've been wanting/needing to lose about 55 pounds for nearly a year now, but nothing has been enough to push me over the edge.

In the last few weeks, my partner and I decided our 3 year relationship is going to end at the end of 2019 - we like and love each other but we're not right for each other in the long term/marriage.

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  1. I am 28 I've had 1 relationship 12 years ago when I was 16 long story short she didn't love me she was just "giving me a chance" I haven't had sex In over 15 years, I have my fears but I want to try dating again where does someone my age meet new people?