Review of okcupid dating site

Basically, just add a verification process when adding photos to a profile.

Ok Cupid was the brainchild of four Harvard friends who created what was a pioneer site in free online dating in 2004.

Matches are not only recommended based on your profile but also on your answers to the fun questions formulated by other users.

Each match query has a question, the responses you welcome from your matches, a specific rating on the importance of the response to you, and an explanation of your answer (optional).

Also, something seriously has to be done with the scammers that make a pretty real looking profile until they don’t answer your questions or respond directly to your replies and then you end up texting a number that’s completely wrong for the area they said they’re from.

I sent my first “match” a screen shot from a website that lists the number of complaints and reports that are based off the phone number you searched, they immediately blocked me on okc and presumably my number but I blocked there’s too anyway.

It could use regular maintenance and performance improvements.

The majority of the signees are from the US and user activity is high.

The members’ age range is between 25 to 34, and there are more men than women.

In 2012, the platform rolled out its app to make it easier for people to look for potential mates on the internet.

Ok Cupid was recognized for being inclusive when it unveiled 22 gender options and 13 orientation choices in 2014.

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This feature improves the visibility of your profile, and you will experience increased activity.

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