Robert buckley dating shantel vansanten

It’s #Fight For Change Friday And I want to know what you are fighting for and why.

Tell me why you are fighting and I will tell you why I do: – I fight so lung cancer is talked about as much as any other cancer! – I fight for the many people I have met who are living with lung cancer and those fighting for their lives.

Some of her series includes Scorpion, Shooter, The Messengers, The Flash, Timeless, Rush Hour, The Night Shift, and much more.

Moving towards personal life, Van Santen has not experienced married life yet, but she has been in love with some fellow personality like Michael Johnson (2008-2009), James Lafferty (2009-2010), an OTH co-star. #Fight For Change Friday is her and I wanted to say thanks for all the donations and support towards my @lungforce goal!! As an incentive to gain momentum for donations I am going to do a giveaway for anyone who donates any amount for the next 24 hours!!

As we takeover this week, in color, in hopes of starting more educational conversations about lung cancer I have to thanks my girl @royalnomad for creating some incredible turquoise jewelry that gets people to stop and allows me to talk to them about this issue…

one which we all know is near and dear to my heart!

Needless to say, the couple is still going stronger to this day without any extra affairs even after more than two years and despite their 12 years of age difference.

In addition, before Shantel met Victor, she previously dated other men.

She is famous for her roles in the Who’s in your #Turquoise Tribe ?– I fight because I am fueled by the lack of awareness people have to the #1 Cancer Killer!– I fight because my grandmother no longer can and in her honor I will fight till we have found a cure.Shantel began her career at the age of only 15 when she worked as a model rep by Reportedly, the casts of One Tree Hill including Lee Norris and Antwon Tanner made ,000 per episode but were paid 0,000 by the fourth season of the show.Shantel’s notably made her entrance to the show on the seventh season till the ninth, and unquestionably she made no less than the average pay scale as one of the main casts.

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