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Wood and Wagner were very close friends with Mart Crowley, who wrote The Boys In The Band.

Crowley lived with the Wagners when he was a penniless writer. From what I've been told, he is also a very nice man; well mannered, caring.

In about 1981 my good friend and roommate went to visit relatives in Los Angeles. He is the first man I can remember having a gay crush on. She drove to her parents' house in hysterics, and bleeding, in the middle of the night, where Lana was still living at the time. He was never allowed to be that funny in his films. He wrote a book where he neglected to mention his affairs with men but talked all about the affairs he had with women (some of whom are dead and cannot confirm or deny his claims)Frank Langella is the same - another bi guy who pretends to be 100% straight and plays up his supposed affairs with dead women.

Because if what some of you are saying is true the next time I see him I'm going to offer up my hole for old time's sake.[quote]Btw, Van Johnson's daughter was on some forum (forget which one) where she talked about how it was known in Hollywood that Wagner was bi and that people warned Natalie not to marry him for that reason. The Prince of Darkness stops at nothing, dear heart.Taylor was the ultimate Mama's boy, catering to his wacky mother's every demand, including often sleeping in the same bed with her when he was a grown man.The woman hated Stanwyck, and vice versa, Barbara would ask friends, "When is Bob going to grow some balls? On their wedding night, Stanwyck went back to her house alone, while Taylor went to his mother's house and slept with her in his arms all night, she was so upset over the news of the wedding that she feared dying of a heart attack in her sleep. A friend and I were walking down Kings Road in Chelsea in London that swinging year, and someone handed me a flier for a forthcoming show - The Doors & Jefferson Airplane in an all-rounder at The Roundhouse, in Camden, a happening place then, in that hippie era. We entered some shop and a smart smallish woman sitting there asked me what the flier was for and once I told her she asked if she could have it, so I said yes and gave it to her, and yes she had an American accent.Mom begs for help for bipolar son, 10, who threatened suicide at FOUR Albuquerque, New Mexico, mother Jennifer Cristini first realized something was wrong with her son Gianni when he began throwing terrifying tantrums at 18 months, and wouldn't sleep.Did anyone notice how many times Wagner popped up during that tribute to Robert Osborne TCM did a few weeks ago?

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Natalie Wood's life of beauty, agony "Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood," by Suzanne Finstad. Some pics and scenes in his movies show a very promising bulge begging for attention. He is heartbreaking in "With A Song In My Heart" with Susan Hayward.

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