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The internet is scary and I want to feel a little sure about who I’m talking to :)I don’t know who you are. Turn back now if you’re not into that, because I can turn a limerick into a Shakespearean epic. Because I want to find a real connection, and I feel like there’s a better chance for that if I am more of a real person to you. First things first, ~~I’m the realest~~ I’m a writer (and I don’t actually listen to Iggy Azalea).

I don’t know if I will ever find someone to say this to in person, but I don’t care. I am me, and I don’t know who you are but I love you. Thanks for BEING an asshole with my formatting, other trait of Reddit that I don't know about. At least, when people are describing me, that’s often what they say.

Naturally, he began looking around for friends and fun in the capital city.

He wanted to find a social group of people who shared his background and interests, but he came up dry.

My poor family and friends are always caught up on the news-And lastly, I enjoy being a home potato.

I’m looking for someone around my age whose open minded and would like having someone who talks a lot around.

I am writing this in the aftermath of yet another flashback. I’ve written no stories, published no poems, penned no scripts – but I’m pretty good with words, and I do have what I think of as a poet’s spirit.

My other interests include....-Reading, I’m finally reading through a certain author’s books that I should’ve read a long time ago-Hiking, I’ve learned not to go alone anymore-Traveling, I think I’ve got a good list of places I’ve been.-News/politics, I’m kind of a news junkie and as the extrovert I am, I feel like I have to talk about it with someone.

I’m pretty wholesome and not looking for any nsfw conversations.

I tend to get along most with introverts and nerds, which I am neither so that’s weird.

A 26-year-old Korean single named Abzirian moved from Michigan to Sacramento, California, for a job in June, but his start date wasn’t until July.

In the meantime, he was in the big city on his own.

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I ask too many questions, and I always have until depression silenced that capacity. Something broke inside me soon after, when I lied about losing my calculator at school. I spent a long time overseas, mostly in Asia and my heritage is a little more complicated than it seems but by all accounts I’m Caucasian and stuff. I mean, you have a dashingly handsome Scottish laird that’s great with a sword or a kilt. They ride across the land on his horse, trading insults and stealing longing looks, and when they inevitably bang that night, it’s perfection on hooves. I won’t lie, my body needs work, and I *have* been working on it. I have a big heart and am empathetic to a fault, a trait which serves me well since I’m studying to be a therapist, please make your message subject “idiosyncrasy” if you’re actually reading this whole thing because I won't answer you if you don't, and I spend hours of spare time per week as a crisis counselor online.

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