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Unlike some games which aren’t updated on a frequent basis, new content such as new characters, mini-games and date locations are added to the game every few weeks.

While you may spend the majority of your time playing Summertime Saga, building romantic relationships, if you get bored of smooth talking different dates, you’ll be able to kill some time by playing some of Summertime Saga’s epic mini games.

One reason why you may want to replay Summertime Saga a second time, is that you may struggle to narrow down which character you want to date and may want to see how some of the storylines play out with multiple characters.

As it’s no fun taking all of your dates to the same venue, over and over, make sure to explore all 30 of the beautifully animated locations that Summertime Saga offers players.

There is something rather unusual when it comes to this dating sim game.

The supreme objective is not having raunchy, hardcore sex but actually offer up something even more interesting and entertaining.

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