Sedating children on flights

To up the chances of this happening, book your flight so it coincides with their usual naptime (and then pray that there’s no delays! If you’ll be taking multiple flights, aim to have the longest leg of the journey coincide with their nap.The best place to sit on a plane with kids is debated by parents.Some like the bulkhead because of the extra legroom, and the fact that they can be some of the first to get off the plane once it lands.

It may seem loud, but the womb was incredibly loud too – they’ll think they’re back in their happy place.But the big downside of choosing this option is that you can’t have your carry-on bag by your feet during take-off and landing, and you’re going to be stressing if the kids are wailing and you need something but can’t get it. It’s sometimes less populated, so you have less chance of bothering others.Plus it’s near the lavatory in case you and your kids need to use it.Having at least an hour or so between flights also gives kids a break from the plane and a chance to stretch their legs, get something to eat, have their diapers changed in a bathroom that isn’t the size of a coffin, etc.The ideal outcome when you’re flying with a baby is that they’ll sleep for most of the flight.

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