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Search engines such as Google might ignore take-down demands for defamatory search results linking to defamatory website, such as Ed Magedson’s Rip Off Report, pursuant to the immunity granted to them through § 230C.However, if such a demand is made on the basis of copyright breaches, you may submit a similar take-down, but based on copyrighted material such as photos, images, quotations, or other copyrighted material owned by you, or another party willing to support you in your take-down efforts.Whitmore has been repeatedly abducting and raping children since 1989.Although he has often been arrested and convicted, he has been little deterred by sentences as short as a few months.

Last month, the National Post published a list of particularly brutal murderers who have been released from Canadian jails.

There’s no need to spend money on our services if you can achieve results by yourself unless the problem is severe: If you do not have a copyright breach vector, you might try the same form if the offending webpage is defamatory or harassing.

We have seen limited success with this form on that basis, but do not hold your breath.

In 2006 came his most publicized crime yet; the abduction from prairie farms of two young boys that Whitmore kept chained in an abandoned Kipling, Saskatchewan farm house, raping both for days.

Even with this crime, Whitmore has been eligible to seek parole since 2015.

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