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As she took her turn, Ayda surprised the audience and admitted: "Poor Rob for what I'm about to say.I don’t think I’d be offended if I found out that Rob had faked it because I've faked it before. I have two kids, I'm tired, there's tea on, there’s I’m A Celebrity, I have things to do." She went on: “I’m too much of a people pleaser. You want them to feel strong and manly.” "You have been faking it, with me Robbie Williams, popstar, 18 Brits!GUYS SAY: "I don't share my calendar, and I can't imagine a need to share it.Just tell each other what you have on the plate."GIRLS SAY: "We balance our household budget on Google spreadsheets, but we don't share calendars.SITUATION: Checking In on Foursquare RULE: It really depends on how out there you want to be.GUYS SAY: "If I'm not dating anyone, or I'm dating one person exclusively, I am fine with Foursquare—you can disclose where you are with impunity." Before adding: "It's alright darling I love you." Asked if he's faked it, he said: "Never.

SITUATION: Exchanging Passwords RULE: Bad idea, period.After all, you don't have to chat with anyone you don't want to!If someone is bothering me, I make myself 'busy' or block them."5.You should only be visible to contacts with whom you have a substantial relationship, friendly or romantic. The few times I've gone green, girls from the past pop out of the woodwork and chat me up, which can be fun, but is usually just awkward."GIRLS SAY: "I always play the Gchat-mindfuck game: Stay visible to see who chats with me.But when I'm in a relationship, I stay visible anyway.

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