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On 22 November 1808, the Dutch Governor-General Herman Willem Daendels declared that the Sultanate of Banten had been absorbed into the territory of the Dutch East Indies.This marked the beginning of direct Dutch rule in the region for the next 150 years.Nonetheless, most of the people in Banten can speak Indonesian fluently as their second language.

Therefore, the Sundanese language forms the lingua franca of the province, although Indonesian is the main official language.After the fall of the Tarumanegara, Banten was controlled by many Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms, such as the Srivijaya Empire and the Sunda Kingdom.The spread of Islam in the region begins in the 15th century.DAY 02 BADUY - JAKARTATour early morning around the villageto see Baduy community the have activity ,than we trekking to kadu Jangkung villages by a nice land escape and lake of Baduy in the area and how feel are rich culture and nature, back to Jakarta in the afternoon. ) is the westernmost province on the island of Java, in Indonesia. The province borders West Java and the Special Capital Region of Jakarta to the east, the Java Sea to the north, the Indian Ocean to the south, and the Sunda Strait to the west, which separates Java from the neighbouring island of Sumatra.

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