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It revolves around tricking your body clock by briefly waking at around 3am.

If you thought that sounded cool, wait until you try a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD).

In 2014, this remarkable study out of Frankfurt University revealed that lucid dreams can be induced with "zaps" of harmless electrical stimulation of the brain. Alright, so now you know a little about what lucid dreaming is and what it can do for you - now we’ll talk through some ways you can actually induce them. The most important thing you can do to spearhead your way toward lucid dreams, is start keeping a dream journal. Chances are, you probably don’t even remember too many dreams at the moment. But writing them down each day will gradually help to form more concrete memories.

When non-lucid dreamers were given 30-second jolts of electrical current to the frontal cortex while asleep, they reported spontaneously vivid dreams in which they fully recognized they were dreaming. After all, what good is a lucid dream if you can’t remember it?

By using visualisation methods we can use this visual hypnagogia to transition into a lucid dream. You need to know that lucid dreams occur (mostly) during REM Sleep.So, by manipulating our sleep patterns, we can target REM sleep phases.The easiest and most popular way to do this is with the Wake Back To Bed (WBTB) technique.It can be done in the middle of the night, or just as you fall asleep (when you get into bed at your normal bed time). It’s more common than you may think, with upto 40% of adults suffering at one time or another.Think of a WILD as simply a form of meditation – where you maintain awareness whilst your body falls asleep. Ever had that awful feeling where you’re awake, but your body is frozen and it feels as if you’re pinned to the bed, unable to move? Sleep paralysis occurs when your body falls asleep and enters REM Atonia.

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