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Yes, watching people dating naked on TV does make for hugely entertaining TV, but for us romantics, one wonders whether nudding up for a date is the best way to find love?

Unless you happen to live on a tropical island, nudist beach, or hospital ward with extremely ill-fitting gowns, you’re going to be wearing some kind of clothing most of the time.

Obviously the fact that “the naked truth” is a widely understood turn of phrase suggests that, for English-speakers at least, we generally do believe that stripping something or someone down to the bare essentials will reveal something essential about them.Dating show Adam Looking For Eve is based on the idea that our naked self is our truest self.But is running around naked really the best way to get to know a potential partner’s deepest feelings?Isn't nudity really a way of hiding our true selves? Once you get past all the fun of ogling the completely and totally naked contestants on the desert island dating show clothing, the would-be lovers can get at the “naked truth” about each other.Without clothes to hide their flaws, the logic runs, they’re each forced to deal with each other as they truly are – thereby forging a richer, deeper bond.

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