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*enjoyed*I made a few friends and even gave Snapchat and other social media to the few that were *normal*.

I then deleted my main account and revisited about 6-7 months later - (even though I deactivated my account and my main email was no longer in use, it would not let me use it again ) so I used a work email.

But for some reason my account gets blocked/banned and I can’t log in anymore DUE to a number of people blocking me I assume?? So I try again months after (here we are today) and use various other emails I make up on the spot because I want to use this app and talk with people again, however every time I log on after an hour or so it gives it the message “Your email has been blocked”.

What am I supposed to do when my first two emails aren’t usable anymore AND don’t have an account behind them?

If you still find any problem regarding the installation , do let us know your views in the comments section below.

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You can Install Skout on PC using the following Android Emulators : In this post I will be telling how you can Run Skout for WINDOWS using Android.

It is an important issue and one that we here at The Meet Group take quite seriously.

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The above mentioned steps helps you to Install Skout on Windows PC using Android as an Emulator.

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