Speed dating in baltimore maryland

Where else might a single person meet other single people, besides at a bar? Aside from the 10% who still haven't admitted they want children...

the rest of your potential pool either already have them or are seriously plotting.

Most of the people I work with are significantly older than me.

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I'm not a real big fan of gettin' boozy at the neighborhood watering hole, which appears to be a favorite pastime of Baltimoreans. Cause 30 is a treacherous age if you don't really know.

I've noticed that these events are mostly populated by women, even the events that are more physical, like planting trees with Bluewater Baltimore. I know Hopkins does a lot of events to foster social interaction across the professional schools, and I'm sure other schools have similar programs.

The School of Public Health is 70% female, mostly between the ages of 25-35. I have a degree in Molecular Epidemiology from the University of Michigan; the entire school was a 60-40 female-male ratio. I'm a full-time graduate student with a part-time internship.

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