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The Wright Brothers were quite active in the Dayton, Ohio area.Did you know there is an “Engineers Club” in Dayton of which the Wright Brothers were amongst the early members?It is a prestigious club for engineers that is still open today.Check out this French SPAD VII circa 1916 which was flown by the French, British, and Americans flying with “Lafayette Escadrille”.

It had many technical innovations – retractable landing gear, enclosed gun turrets, and carried 2,200 lbs of bombs!Using a mini biplane whose wings were to fall off, several were built but none saw combat – but it was an innovation well ahead of its time.It had a range of 75 miles, and was intended to deliver 180 lbs of high explosives.Its fuselage was metallic, while the wings were still a hybrid of wood and fabric – but the march to all metal was on.The P-12E sported a 500 HP P&W radial engine, could ascend to 26,000 ft altitude, and cruised at 160 MPH.

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