Sql updating identity column

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The problem I am facing is this: I have 5 rows in my table with identity columns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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In the first section the table is created with a "Generated Always Identity" column.

The second part shows that you can insert into the table, as long as the identity column isn't used in the insert statement. declare 2 r t%rowtype; 3 begin 4 := 42; 5 := 'world'; 6 insert into t values r; 7 end; 8 / declare * ERROR at line 1: ORA-32795: cannot insert into a generated always identity column ORA-06512: at line 6 In short: updating a "Generated Always Identity" column is not allowed either.

One final remark: an identity column is not the same as a primary key.

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That is not a problem; my goal is to append new data to the existing one, not complete replacing all data of the entire table. Id INTO Customer Linkage; --== Copy Detail (Orders) rows using the new key from Customer Linkage and record the new Order key ==-- MERGE Orders2 USING (SELECT Orders. Order Date FROM Orders JOIN Customer Linkage ON Customer = Orders. Id INTO Order Linkage; --== Copy Detail (Order Items) rows using the new key from Order Linkage ==-- MERGE Order Items2 USING (SELECT Order Items. Item Id FROM Order Items JOIN Order Linkage ON Order = Order Items. Id; --== Drop test tables ==-- DROP TABLE Order Items; DROP TABLE Order Items2; DROP TABLE Orders; DROP TABLE Orders2; DROP TABLE Customers; DROP TABLE Customers2; DROP TABLE Customer Linkage; DROP TABLE Order Linkage; values of their own, this gets quite complicated.

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