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Participating students must demonstrate that they can carry out a research project to a high specification, responding to the direction of a local scientific organisation.

Course leader, Dr John Mc Cann said, “Danny and Jack were diligent students and successfully completed the Bioscience course at Hills Road, achieving distinctions across all of their course units.” “The Access to Higher Education course is validated by the Cambridge Access Validating Agency and was a great opportunity for the students to explore the wonderful world of Bioscience.” “Danny completed a very impressive research project in collaboration with the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) in Cambridge.

Then the Italian version which is LBX and in Italian language, but with English subtitles!

With Uschi Digard, Sandra Carey and Michael Abbott - Anyone have any other info on this one???

L.(88) After Leila, his boss's daughter, is kidnapped by psychotic plague victim, Decker (effectively overplayed by genre great Brion James) a rescue is set into motion.

However around 750 BC or a little later, there was a migration of seagoing merchants from his original home in Cyme in Asia Minor to Cumae in Campania (a colony they shared with the Euboeans), and possibly his move west had something to do with that, since Euboea is not far from Boeotia, where he eventually established himself and his family.

In spite of Hesiod's complaints about poverty, life on his father's farm could not have been too uncomfortable if Works and Days is anything to judge by, since he describes the routines of prosperous yeomanry rather than peasants.

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You will need to allow this time for assignments, lesson preparation and revision activities.

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