Supply chain consolidating dating on campus not what it used to be

As a solution, Coloma Frozen Foods chose a rugged bolted rack with structural channel columns.

A number of rack features helped the company meet its strength, durability and maintenance goals.

Coloma Frozen Foods needed to consolidate its frozen storage capacity.

As a food industry provider of frozen fruits, vegetables, juices and cherry juice concentrates, the company had previously outsourced or leased its frozen storage to four commercial facilities spread out over a 20-mile radius in southwest Michigan. of racked freezer space in a new centralized campus facility.

“In freezer applications, the rack is susceptible to forklift impact because reaction time is slower in a cold environment, and peripheral vision can be restricted when operators are bundled up against the cold,” says Wendzel.

“So rack durability, longevity, ease-of-use and safety were vital to us.” Wendzel was concerned that the industry’s typical, light gauge, roll-formed rack he had previously reviewed would be prone to forklift damage and costly replacement.

Consult with other management to determine what consolidation is necessary and where, as fusing too many or the wrong processes can put a business in a worse position than it was before the change.

Consolidating, in this case, can mean decreasing the number of employees in a certain department or decreasing the number of jobs a person is responsible for.

For a massive online retail outlet, maybe the monthly product audits need to be processed bi-weekly to avoid cramming at the end of the cycle.

With current technology, everything is expected in real time to satisfy the immediate expectations of customers.

Within any given company there are so many simultaneous processes happening at any given time that organization from top to bottom is mandatory.

It all depends on the situation, but it is important to take your time when deciding what to consolidate.

Usually there is a lot of information and money involved with such decisions and care should be taken before making a decision.

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We expect to save about $150,000 to $200,000 a year in reduced labor, management, transportation, energy and maintenance costs using the drive-in rack at our campus facility,” says Wendzel.

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