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Leer este artículo en español Almost anyone can recognize flirting and guess that a couple is dating simply by watching their behavior.Sighted children have lots of opportunities to observe how older teenagers and grownups flirt; they see people holding hands and smiling at each other, kissing, and hugging—at the mall, waiting in line for a movie, or walking through the park.” Your jokes will get an appreciative chuckle, even if your comments lack real humor.Sharing humor indicates that you are on the same page.Actions are more truthful and reliable than words, writes relationship coach Janet Ong Zimmerman, in “7 Undeniable Signs He Loves You.” Body language is also a reliable indicator that someone likes you. Some people, especially guys, could have difficulty expressing their feelings verbally, so you will need to pay more attention to actions than words.Someone who likes you treats you with kindness, consideration, affection and interest, asserts Zimmerman. He offers to carry your books or get a drink for you.He helps you with a difficult homework problem or asks for your help.

If the two of you are in a check-out line and the couple ahead of you are holding hands and gazing at each other, describe their behavior once the two of you have privacy.

You might not always agree, but you talk through your differences while feeling safe, respected, and heard.

That means telling someone what you want and feel and also listening and respecting what they say, too.

Toward the end of high school, some teens start pairing off as couples with romantic feelings for one another.

In general, teens who are comfortable with themselves and their visual impairments will find that their friends and dates are going to be comfortable as well.

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When your jokes fall flat, it may indicate that the person you told the joke to doesn't like you.

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