Ten tips on dating a korean girl

According to them, Singaporean men have bigger assets ‘down there’.I didn’t believe it until I read the global size chart that trended online here.You know how Chinese people ask 吃饭了吗 (have you eaten rice), where ‘rice’ is mostly a figure of speech?Well, Koreans literally eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a guy who doesn’t eat vegetables, it’s harder to plan meals as many Korean rice dishes come with sides like Kimchi.

So guys need to ask themselves if they’re willing to make such changes.

*Ben: Most Koreans I dated knew a bit of English, but if they don’t, GG (good game) for you. So for example, they’ll know what’s power, but not strength.

Sometimes she’ll say If they don’t get complicated words like presentation, I’ll have no choice but to ask Google Translate.

If I work from 8.00 to 5.00pm, we’re living in opposite time zones.

It’s easier to schedule time with a Singaporean partner.

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