Tool for validating xml against xsd

However, I should first state that I believe Notepad 's schema validation tool is...

buggy, and so this method I'm providing won't work with Notepad 's XMLTools plugin.

Start by using the full path here; as you learn more about XSD or your tool, you may reach the conclusion that it is better, if supported by your tool, to provide the relative URI, that is between the location of your "stub" XSD (it really is an "aggregator") and the other referenced XSD.

Relative URIs are friendlier in terms of moving your stuff around (as a whole unit, as in zipping all your files and send to someone else). if the files are in the same folder, you simply have to put here the name of the file.

Add one xsd:import line for each of the XSDs that are not "reachable" through all the other XSDs, or that your tool seems to complain about as non-reachable.

I want to point out there is another method to achieve this.

I tried both 20 (I've done it before in 2008 I thought) Update: I had another developer try this and it failed for him too.

He knows he has done it with other XML documents and had it work. ) You don't need to manually associate the files in Visual Studio - it will automatically match an XML file to a XSD file if you have them both open, and you have your namespace defined correctly.

Validate(Document Validation Handler); Xml Reader Settings settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); settings. if only because tools that are to do things (recommendations) are outside the scope here...Nonetheless, if this is about how to achieve what you need using the tool that you're already using... Process Schema Location; Xml Reader XMLvalidator = Xml Reader.I know I have done this before, but it isn't working today, nor can I find anywhere that explains how to do it.

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However, it seems that Notepad will only check the last declared schema file in the schema Location attribute.

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